About Us

The International Dodge Ball Federation was the brainchild of Rusty Walker, our President and CEO.ball logo yelbg It was started as a way to build the youth attendance and promote youth ministry at a local Churchin Gulfport, MS.  The response was overwhelming; so much so that it spread to many other  venues in the area and Dodge Ball Tournaments began. Many young people who enjoy playing sports do not have the athletic ability to play softball, baseball, soccer or basketball, but they want to be involvedin a team sport and they all can (and love to) throw a dodge ball at their friend. Rusty has long been involved in youth sports as a fan, coach, sponsor, official and enjoys seeing the joy on the faces of kids(small and large!) enjoying themselves.

Sometime in 1998, Rusty built a Dodge Ball web site, wrote an official Dodge Ball Rulebook and set out to find a safe ball for playing the game. Many ball manufacturer’s submitted samples of  balls for selection and finally he one is use today was selected as a standard for all IDBF play.  With only two pounds of air pressure, the IDBF  ball can be easily thrown and used without hurting players in normal play. Response was so great with thousands of request for information about IDBF that Rusty Incorporated the International Dodge Ball Federation, copyrighted and trade marked the logos and henceforth, IDBF as we know it today was formed.

The goal of  IDBF,  as a Dodge Ball governing body, is to set the standard for safe play in dodge ball in both youth and adult leagues. The IDBF is currently on a mission of establishing State Commissioners in the United States to better give everyone an opportunity to play the game we all played and loved in school. International development is currently scheduled for 2006. We work everyday to establish league play through City Recreation Departments in every City of every State and through as many Churches as possible as a way to offer their youth a chance to play and fellowship together in a Christian atmosphere.

Al Hayes was asked to become a part of IDBF as Executive Director in September of 2003 and brings a vast amount of knowledge with regards to league development and tournament management. Al has many years of  experience through working for years as an ASA (Amateur Softball Association) Commissioner, Junior Olympic Commissioner, Umpire In Chief, Umpire and even as a coach. He too loves working in sports with both youth and adults and is the go-to-guy with questions about setting up league play and tournament play.  Al is ultimately responsible for recruiting and setting up State Commissioners, and is heavily involved in developing and running State, Regional and National Tournaments for IDBF.  Al has a degree in Electronics, is retired from the United States Air Force and also retired from Northrop Grumman Corporation as a Senior Test Engineer.